Superior Therapy for Scar Reduction

Microcurrent Point Stimulation (MPS) was born out of Endorphin research in the 1970-80’s. Research reported endorphin activation using a low amplitude DC microcurrent, as these parameters produced cellular resonance.

Today we know Microcurrent (millionth of amp <=1ma) has been scientifically proven to accelerate ATP, protein synthesis, metabolism, and regulation of the autonomic nervous system, key actions for SCAR tissue healing. (Cheung 82)

This unique stimulation is now packaged for convenient application using the Dolphin Neurostim: delivering the most potent nervous system regulation offered on the market. MPS is highly effective for STRESS reduction and Pain relief, consistently beating all other modalities, even acupuncture, for cellular reactivation, and stress reduction…key for Scar Reduction Therapy!

MPS Reduces Scar Grey Mean Depth

Design, Setting, & Participants: At the BARD Diagnostic Imaging, 17 patients were presented with post-operative painful scars and scanned with 17 MHz 3D sonography pre and post DC microcurrent treatment (MPS) for change in depth of the cicatrix.

Results: There is statistical evidence for significant reduction of 0.447mm or 23.8244% reduction in Post-Treatment MG Depth, when compared to Pre-Treatment MG Depth [95% CI (0.2642, 0.6298); p<0.001].

Conclusion: Non-invasive improvement in scar pain and functional impairment is possible with direct current (DC) point stimulation at the site.

C-Section Scar Testimonial

Karen, a mother of two, was treated with the Dolphin Neurostim and Scar Reduction Therapy (SRT) for her two c-sections.
In just 15 minutes, her pain was eliminated and range of motion returned completely.

Did you Know Scars Also Produce Pain?

Manage Chronic Post Surgical Pain without opioids

Scars have been reported to linked in the literature to be linked to Chronic Post-Surgical Pain (CPSP), back pain, shoulder pain and neuropathic pain. They are known to affect stress, fascia and form adhesions, all of which cause pain.

Scars & traumas play a significant catalytic role in the current chronic pain crisis throughout the USA. Research reports 73% pain relief after
MPS-Scar Release.

Applying MPS through scars re-establishes metabolism, releasing fascia, stress & pain. If you’re not treating scars with MPS, HOW are you treating pain?

The Successful Treatment of Chronic Pain Using Microcurrent Point Stimulation Applied to Scars. Int J Complement Alt Med (IJCAM).


Lisa, a breast cancer survivor, was treated with the Dolphin Neurostim and Scar Reduction Therapy (SRT).
In just 15 minutes, her pain was reduced and range of motion returned completely.

Scar Reduction Therapy

MPS Scar Release Therapy (SRT) is a patented and scientifically published scar reduction technique that is simple and highly effective for reducing the negative influence of scars.

SRT is performed using 2 Dolphin devices. The Dolphins are applied simultaneously to each side of the scar, with the intent of directing cellular changing microcurrent back and forth through the scar. (fig 1.)


Start at one end of the scar. Place Dolphins 1.2 inch (1 cm) to each side of scar, with one device on negative polarity (-), and the other on bi-phasic (+/-). (fig 1) Treating 30 seconds per scar section.

The entire length of the scar is treated every ¼ inch. (fig. 2)

Finish off with an end-to-end release. (fig. 3)

For additional benefits, connect scar with Sp6. Place one Dolphin on Sp6 (-ve) and the other above the scar (+/-). (fig 4)

After application you will notice cosmetic changes, as the new scar is softer and much less noticeable. As you palpate the scar, you will feel that the scar is actually smaller!


Three years ago Lauren was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Since her surgery to remove it, she’s experienced emotional and physical pain.

What can one Scar Reduction Therapy session with the Dolphin Neurostim do to help her?

Watch and find out!

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